Brand Marketers’ Questions Answered

Brand Marketers’ Questions Answered

by Staff Writer

The Insiders’ Managing Director in Latin America, Joel Amorim, recently met with the Editor-in-Chief of Mega Brasil, journalist Marco Antonio Rossi, to discuss the success of The Insiders in that country. Joel was asked many of the questions prospect client brands ask us everyday around the world. Here we reveal the answers to satisfy the curiosity of brand marketers everywhere.

Why consumers want to be brand ambassadors?

It has to do with consumer empowerment. Consumers appreciate when they are chosen to learn about a brand in exchange for their opinion. Our community members—we call them Insiders—are influential consumers. They are generally well-connected people who like to share their opinion and give advice. Insiders are eager to voice their point of view.

Think about that person who will make a point to let the manager know that service was not up-to-par before leaving the restaurant, that would be a typical Insider behavior. Insiders are engaged consumers who proactively give feedback. They also enjoy being seen as subject experts by their peers. Although Insiders can be found in all walks of life, they are often highly connected people with an extensive circle of friends, and active in social media.

What is the right consumer profile for potential ambassadors of my brand?

It is important to look beyond a consumer’s demographic and behavioral profile, financial status, and shopping habits. These characteristics need to be supplemented by personal preferences, media use, level of social connections, and personal motivations to advocate for a brand. The Insiders have an intelligent platform that allows us to take all of these aspects into consideration when recruiting. In addition, we match these factors to specific requirements put in place to help deliver the activation goals. First, to help identify the consumer who will more likely become an ambassador for your brand, ask yourself: what are the long-term and short-term goals for the brand?

Can you explain the Insider influence?

Insiders are double agents, if you will. They are brand Insiders and they are Insiders in their own social circles as well. Insiders feel like they represent a brand, they get to tell people who make their favorite brands what works and what does not. They get to discover brands they have never tried and go on to become brand gurus to their friends.

Insiders learn about brands by testing them firsthand and before other consumers. They are privy to fun experiences with the brand. Insiders like to boast to their peers about those experiences, and also about their acquired knowledge regarding brand benefits and appropriate product use.

Complementarily, Insiders enjoy a strong sense of belonging in their own circles. A friend is an insider in your social circle. If an ad tells you that, “Brand A is the best,” but your friend tells you “You gotta have Brand B, it changed my life. Buy it now.” You’ll likely follow your friend’s recommendation, because we tend to trust our friends over ads, herein the persuasive power of an Insider to spread word-of-mouth recommendations among friends.

How can you generate UGC at scale for my brand?

Word-of-mouth marketing is intrinsically linked to digital marketing. The popularization of social media platforms boosted the importance do word-of-mouth marketing because of its power to generate engaged brand ambassadors, and the ripple effect they have over other consumers.

Stimulating the creation of quality and engaging UGC come as result of two pillars of The Insiders’ approach, in-depth consumer education about brand benefits, and intensive community management. This approach promotes excitement via fun brand experiences, gamification, and one-on-one interactions with Insiders. Insiders are opiniated and creative, they leverage what they learn with us into their own social channels, in their authentic voices. This includes social posts, written product reviews, video reviews, and tons of photos.

Can you describe the brand experiences The Insiders provide?

We are keen in getting Insiders excited about our client brands. From the moment they are recruited for an activation, they know they are uniquely matched to that brand, and that they are about to embark in a fun journey.

Insiders receive personalized VIP packs with the product, samples to share, a campaign guide, and all kinds of fun tools to help them spread the word about the brand while having a good time. Many of our client brands choose to sponsor at-home parties, in which Insiders host their friends to test a product and share their opinion in a relaxed atmosphere. These memorable experiences are sure to make their way to social media, creating buzz offline and online.

Client brands tell us that The Insiders’ are the only touchpoint in their marketing mix that effectively breaks purchase barriers. Insiders help leading brands harness the power of their ambassadors to grow market share and ultimately build brand health.

Listen to the full interview here (Portuguese).

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