The Insiders Celebrate Record Activations in Brazil

The Insiders Celebrate Record Activations in Brazil

MIAMI, FL – (THE INSIDERS) – July 20, 2018 – The Insiders, the leading global influencer network, celebrates today a record number of activations in Brazil, having executed 27 campaigns within the last calendar year. During this period, over 40 thousand Brazilian Insiders were recruited in activations, generating more than 5 million recommendations for client brands. It is a robust performance especially considering the financial challenges the country has experienced. The Insiders is pioneer in the shopper influencer space in Brazil, and accumulates a rapidly growing clientele with some of the world’s most iconic brands, such as, Oreo, Pampers, Colgate, Avon, Purina, and LG, among hundreds of others.

The impressive feat in the Brazilian market comes on the heels of The Insiders’ revamp of its proprietary website: The new site stimulates consumer engagement in a greater level than before. The Insiders’ community in Brazil alone has millions of members solidifying the agency’s leadership in the country. Called Insiders, members of the community are consumers in all walks of life, who are eager to test products, provide their insights, and share their brand experiences with their peers online and face-to-face.

“Smart marketers know that consumer advocacy powers brand equity, in a world where product reviews and ratings make or break a brand. Brands partner with The Insiders because we are able to go beyond product trial to provide personalized brand education to highly-targeted consumers, who go on to become brand ambassadors,” comments Joel Amorim, The Insider’s Managing Partner for Latin America. “Through our activations, Insiders are stimulated to share their educated and honest insights about products and brands. The quality consumer-generated content Insiders produce at scale positively influence purchase decision, which consistently drives incremental sales for our clients,” Amorim adds.

The Insiders measure repeat campaigns as a strong indicator of client satisfaction, which is also high in Brazil. Bayer, Colgate-Palmolive, Mondelez, P&G, and Unilever are among the companies that ran repeat campaigns with the agency within the last two years. In Amorim’s view the trust brands place on The Insiders’ activations over other media providers, or traditional advertising is a testament to the effectiveness of the agency’s work in delivering disruptive tactics that move the sales needle, such as consumer advocacy campaigns that generate authentic product reviews at scale, also boosting product ratings in key e-commerce platforms.

“Product reviews are a global upward trend, and the way to generate trustworthy reviews is through investments in consumer advocacy. Leading brands have realized that moving dollars away from traditional advertising to invest in a direct relationship with their consumer brings the best ROI,” says Bjorn Vandemeulebroucke, The Insiders’ Managing Partner for the Americas. “Brazil is leading the charts to the point that the success there is expanding throughout Latin America to countries like Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile. We are thankful to deliver superb results to our clients in the region,” adds Vandemeulebroucke.

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The Insiders is the leading global influencer network. We enable brands to connect with their own ambassadors, generate recommendations at scale, and grow sales. We create emotional connections between consumers and brands by engaging everyday shoppers and the people in their lives with products, both on and offline. Our mission is to provide exciting, engaging, and shareable brand experiences to our community of millions of influential consumers. We are spread across over 40 countries, where we partner with many of the world’s most iconic brands, such as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, L’Oréal, and P&G.

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