The Insiders Open for Business in Japan

The Insiders Open for Business in Japan

MIAMI, FL – (THE INSIDERS) – Sep 20, 2018 – The Insiders, the leading global influencer network, announces entry into the Japanese market. Japan is a dynamic market with a thriving consumer retail and e-commerce landscape—all of which represent a great potential for activating The Insiders’ shopper-to-shopper influencer marketing solutions. The Insiders currently operates in over 40 countries.

According to the Ecommerce Foundation’s Japan 2017 Report, the country’s E-GDP— a monetized measurement of the digital economy—is forecasted to rise, with over 70% of the online population shopping online. Japan’s developed economy, large urban population, single language culture, efficient logistics infrastructure, and small geographic size, make the market attractive to online retailers.

“We are excited to be in Japan because it is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets in the world. The high growth rate has become stable over the past few years, and the Internet penetration is thriving at historic highs, making Japan a significant market opportunity,” says Karan Mathur, The Insiders’ Managing Director for the Asia Pacific Region.

Japan has been at the forefront of technology and innovation, it is home to iconic brands like Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and many more. The competitive nature of the consumer electronics industry, the high penetration of digital buyers, and being the country with third largest GDP in the world (International Monetary Fund, 2017), make Japan a prolific market for The Insiders’ consumer reviews solution, SmartReviews®.

The Insiders’ SmartReviews® activate highly targeted consumers members of The Insiders’ platform—called Insiders—who are educated to generate authentic and insightful reviews on e-commerce sites at scale. In addition, The Insiders are also bringing to Japan its full-service capabilities in brand advocacy solutions, offering offline word of mouth, UGC generation, and fun brand experiences. The Insiders’ approach has been successfully designed to convert consumers from competing brands to advocates of client brands.

The Insiders has appointed Nao Karato as our Country Manager in Japan. A graduate from the University of Tennessee, Karato has over 25 years of local experience in marketing and business development, having served global brands like Heineken and Mastercard in Japan. “The Insiders’ vision is to bring our global expertise in shopper-focused influencer marketing to the Japanese marketplace. Our services respond to a longing of Japanese marketers who are faced a fragmented advertising space, low consumer trust in traditional advertising, and educated shoppers who research thoroughly before buying,” says Karato.

Beyond Japan, across the Asia Pacific region, The Insiders runs operations in South East Asia, Australia, and Korea—serving leading brands such as Philips, Samsung, P&G, Maeil, and Dyson.

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The Insiders is the leading global influencer network. We enable brands to connect with their own ambassadors, generate recommendations at scale, and grow sales. We create emotional connections between consumers and brands by engaging everyday shoppers and the people in their lives with products, both on and offline. Our mission is to provide exciting, engaging, and shareable brand experiences to our community of millions of influential consumers. We are spread across over 40 countries, where we partner with many of the world’s most iconic brands, such as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, L’Oréal, and P&G.

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